Milk Alternatives

I go back and forth with making my own nut and seed milks to buying those off the shelf cartons in the store.  Well since i’ve recently learned that some of our favorite brand of hemp milk contains harmful ingredients i’ve decided to start making my own again.  It’s actually REALLY easy to do, especially if you have a really good blender.

This week-end i made some hemp milk (which i’ve made in the past many times) and some brazil nut milk.  All i did was put about 1 cup of hemp seeds into my blender and about 2 or 3 cups of water, a bit of vanilla extract and some maple syrup to sweetened.  My children LOVE it.  They drink it and use it on their cold cereal.  The brazil nut milk was a first for me and i made it pretty much the same as the hemp milk except i didn’t add vanilla extract.

Hopefully in the future i’ll get better at keeping my own nut and seed milks on hand instead of buying the processed ones from the grocery store.

Do you make your own milk alternatives for your family?



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