Beet Root Pasta – Recipe Review

So while i was chilling on Pinterest the other day, i came across a really great recipe pin.  The pin was for Beet Dumplings and when i saw those burgundy dumpling i knew i just HAD to try to make them myself. Since i’ve been making my own pasta for a few months now i figured i was ready to expand my horizon.

The recipe was pretty straight forward and is basic pasta recipe with roasted and pureed beets added.  I must admit that my beets smelled SOOOO good as they were roasting in the oven that i wasn’t sure if they were going to make it into the pasta. 😉  Once the beets were roasted, they were left to cool and then peeled and dropped into my VitaMix blender.  Waiting for them to cook was probably the longest part of the recipe.   

Once the beet puree and flour and water were all mixed and formed into a dough i was pretty much done.  The fun part for me was making the pasta into cute little shapes like, rounded stars, ridged hearts and butterflies.   I can totally see making beet pasta for a party dish for one of my children.  I do wish i would have allowed myself more time to actually stuff the pasta.  The original recipe stuffs the pasta, which i did for some of the pasta i made.  However, after my tummy growled one time too many and my children were complaining of near famine, i was only able to stuff about ¼ of the pasta i actually made.  Needless to say the stuffed ones were the favorite of the household and were eaten first.  LOL!  

This recipe was totally a hit with my family and i loved it as well.  I’m going to make it again, once i stock up on more beets.  Next time i’ll allow myself enough time to stuff all the pasta or just make it a few days ahead.  So, if you want to try a new healthy spin on your same old pasta, why not add a few colorful beets?

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