Vegan (Ice-cream) Frozen Dessert


I’ve been on a “lets see what i can create in my new mixer” kick since i got a new kitchen gadget.  Of course my smoothies are SUPER AWESOME now.  And i’ve cut the time it takes to make frozen desserts down to like 5 minutes.  *chuckle*  It’s so easy and quick to make frozen goodies, that’ i’ve made 2 different flavors in ONE day.

The one i’m sharing now is what i would call, Tropical Vegan Ice-Cream.  It doesn’t have coconut but does include pineapple.  I could really have called it anything but tropical has a nice ring to it.  And i used about 3 different fruits, so that name just seemed fitting.  The total time it took to throw everything in the blender and mix was probably about 5 minutes and it probably took another 5 minutes to churn in my countertop ice-cream maker.  Of course you can just put the mixture into a storage container and freeze but i wanted to see how it would fair in my ice cream maker.

All measurements are approximate.


1½ cups Raw cacao butter (I used Divine Organics Sacred Cacao Raw Cacao Butter)

½ cup strawberry puree (organic strawberry jam works too)

1 pint fresh strawberries, stems included

1 cup fresh-cut pineapple and juice

2 whole bananas

¼ cup pure maple syrup


Add all ingredients in “industrial mixer” and blend on high, intermittently until all ingredients are smooth.  Consistency should be slightly running and look like a smoothie.  Pour into an air tight container and freeze over night.  Mixture can also be poured into an ice-cream maker and prepared according to manufacturers instructions.  Serve immediately, eat and enjoy.

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