Apple Cider Oatmeal (video)

I love adding different things to family favorites.  This quick and delicious oatmeal adds juice that’s cooked with the rolled oats.  My children always love when i make it and actually i like eating it too.

The recipe is pretty straight forward so i won’t go into all the detailed steps of how to mix the rolled oats with the liquid.  If you know how to make oatmeal, you can make this recipe.  You can even make it the night before and have it ready for a hot breakfast before staring your day.


Organic apple cider (or organic apple juice)

Filtered water

2 TBSP butter

Thick rolled oats

ground cinnamon

vanilla extract

diced apple with peel



Add water and apple cider to pot in equal parts.  I used 3 cups of each because i was making a large amount. Add butter.  Bring to a boil and add rolled oats.  Cook oats according to package instructions or to your liking.  Before oats are fully cooked, add diced apples, cinnamon and vanilla extract.  When oatmeal is done, remove from heat and cover with lid until ready to serve.  Add raisins and any other garnish you like and serve hot.


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