Aly in the Kitchen – Birthday Addition

My birthday was Saturday, January 21st.  Our family is pretty big and two of my children were sick, thus we couldn’t go out like i wanted.  Total bummer, i know 😦    So instead, i decided to make some “snacks” at home and make my own birthday cake and gelato.  I figured since i do it for the babies and hubby, why not do it for myself as well.  After i got over my pouting for not being able to go out, i actually got into the groove of making things.

I saw this wonderful cake, Carrot Ginger Layer Cake and just knew that would be the perfect birthday cake for me.  Well, in my mind it was perfect but that’s not exactly how it turned out.  LOL.  I used probably about 8 cups of frosting to hold my crumbling and falling down cake together.  It baked perfectly.  It’s when i decided to make the 2 baked layers, 4 layers is where the trouble began.  I tried to slice the 2 layers, horizontally (like the instructions suggested) so that i could have a 4 layer cake.  The layers started to fall apart.  So i figured i could just use the frosting to hold it together.  Well the organic and local cream cheese was SUPER DUPER soft and made my frosting more whipped cream like, vs hard frosting.  So, it just ran all over those cake layers like maple syrup on pancakes.  LOL!!! I was so crushed.  My cake was saved after i transferred it to the freezer and then squeezed the crumbling layers inside the mold of my spring form pan (spring form pans ROCK!! 😉

Anyway, the lavender rose gelato i made turned out really yummy.  I added 1 TBSP of rose-water and used lavender sugar, plus extra dried lavender to the gelato.  The flavor was sinfully sweet.  I’m definitely adding that to my favorite flavors.  Plus it went really well with my carrot cake.  Of course my children LOVED the cake.  *chuckle*

I made some deli platters, with some of my favorite cheese, and meats and threw in a few seasonal veggies.  All around it turned out to be a nice day after all.

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