Food Money and the Computer Shop

I had this idea to blog about all the money my family has spent on food this year and take pictures of all the different grocery receipts I have. However, things happen and I’m not able to take pictures to post. Mostly because my laptop is being repaired and I really dont know when I’m going to get it back. Thus, I have to blog from my iPad and well, I can’t edit or upload pics from my camera to here. LOL

I can say that after adding all of our grocery receipts for this year, we spent over $20k. But then that’s how much we spent the last time I did this experiment. So, I guess we’re doing good since we’re spending the same amount, or close to it.

Anyway, stay tuned for the actual amount and some grocery receipt fun. *chuckle*. Hope you’re keeping warm with lots of yummy and nutritious food to fill your belly!


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