Sunday Dinner – Ethiopian Style

I cooked a full Ethiopian style dinner on Sunday. I made about 5 different dishes, including the fermented flat bread and buttermilk curds. I didn’t do any recipe tutorials because i was busy “burning” in the kitchen. LOL!

Some of the dishes i made were;

  • Messer wat (red lentil stew)
  • Doro wat (red lentils with chicken)
  • Gomen (stewed and sauteed collard greens)
  • Atakilt (carrots and potatoes cooked with onions and spices)
  • Salata (romaine lettuce, tomato, hot pepper with lemon dressing)
  • Buttermilk curds (buttermilk separated from whey and seasoned)
  • Injera (cooked fermented flat bread)

It was so good. We ate for 2 days. My children loved it and ate seconds and thirds, hubby raved about it and i surprised myself that i could even cook it.

Here’s a quick video of what i cooked.  Hopefully i’ll be able to do a tutorial on a few of the dishes in the future.


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