Cooking With Spices – Lydia’s Organic Seasoning

I love cooking with different fresh herbs and spices.  I use to only purchase  spices already mixed and ready to go.  Now I purchase different spices individually and mix my own.  I even dry my own fresh herbs – can’t wait for that herb garden i’ve been dreaming of!

Well my hubby, being the thoughtful soul that he is, brought home a jar of wonderful looking spices.  Of course he picked them up out of curiosity first but then thought i could “do something with them.”  Well he was right!  My newest love i’ve added to my spice collection are Lydia’s Organics Seasoning. Not only is this seasoning mix delicious, it’s also nutritious.  It’s gluten-free, raw, organic and vegan . . .like what more could anyone ask for in a spice mix?

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Needless to say the first 7oz jar hubby brought home has about 2TBSP left, so we had to quickly purchase another jar.  We bought it from our local, natural food store. Since this is a local company based in California, i think anyone else may have to purchase it online if interested in trying it.

So if you’re looking for something new to add to your spice collection, give it a try to see what new creativity can come by adding it to your favorite dish!


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