Chili Cheese Polenta Bake

This is a recipe i made awhile ago.  The thing i loved about it was that it was super quick and super easy.  This is definitely what i would consider a “fast food” homemade meal.  There was minimal cooking and hardly any prep work. Want to make this one of your “go-to” quick family dinners? Check out the recipe.


2 packs pre-cooked polenta, sliced

4 14oz cans organic chili (whatever style you like)

1 16oz package of meat substitute, (i used the Quorn brand soy-free meatless grounds)

2lbs cheddar cheese, shredded


Slice 1 package of polenta and layer in a large family style baking dish.  In a large bowl, mix meatless crumbles with chili.  Pour ½ of the chili meatless mix over the polenta and cover with half of the shredded cheese.  Repeat process, ending with cheese on top.  Bake in a 375° oven for about 25 minutes or until cheese begins to melt and bubble.

Serve hot with a dollop of sour cream or as it.

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