How My Turnip Greens Became Beets

My wonderful hubby made a farmers market run on Thursday to our local market a few minutes from our home.  He picked up the usual suspects, fresh strawberries, raspberries, cilantro, etc.  He also bought some newer items, like “turnip greens.”  Well i decided i was going to make a really nice pot of “turnip greens” with the dark leaves and roots and have it with some baked polenta bread.

In the morning i started to prep my “turnip greens” by washing the leaves thoroughly and really scrubbing the dark  root too.  After i’d washed, picked the stems and put them in a bowl i was ready to peel and cut the root.  Well upon removing the peel of what it THOUGHT was a “turnip green” i found i actually had BEETS.  *chuckle*  Jamie Oliver would not be pleased with me.  It never dawned on me, WHY i thought it was weird that the root was a dark mahogany color and the stems had deep red veins.  I suppose i just had turnip greens on my mind.

So i slightly boiled the beets, added some apple cider vinegar and coconut crystals.  I chopped some fresh ginger and then covered the pot with a lid.  Next i prepared some black rice and red lentils.  Chopped up some hearty salad greens, then layered everything together and made a really wonderful salad.  For the dressing i used apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, date syrup and sea salt.

Nothing turning one meal into another on the fly.  Plus i have some yummy sweet picked beets in a jar for future use.

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