Soul Food Sunday

I’ve heard of shrimp and grits and i’ve seen many of those recipes, i just have never eaten shrimp and grits and wanted to know what all the buzz was about.  So i decided i was going to make some shrimp and grits for Sunday dinner.  Well grits are not sold in the natural and organic grocery stores for obvious reasons so i though i use polenta instead, since it’s corned based as well.

I made the polenta using the stone ground polenta.  I looks like course corn meal.  I made it on the stove top using water, milk, lots of herbs and spices and some cheddar cheese.  The polenta came out really creamy and cheesy, just like i wanted.  Next, i sautéed my chopped onion and green bell pepper in some extra virgin olive oil.  I added my shrimp (i used a 1½ pounds) and then seasoned with some cayenne, course sea salt and pepper.  When i was all done the plated the cheesy polenta and topped it off with a mound of shrimp and peppers.  It was YUMMY.  My children loved it and my hubby was eating i right out of the pan.

In keeping with the soul food theme, i made some home-made buttermilk biscuits too.  However instead of using only all-purpose flour, i added some purple corn flour and dried herbs to them as well.  The result was a more dense biscuit with a hearty flavor.  Not sure if i may have over did it with the purple corn flour.  I actually liked it and of course my small critiques (my daughters) liked them.  LOL.  So my Purple corn and herb buttermilk biscuits weren’t too bad after all

For dessert i made some chocolate almond butter cupcake and vanilla gelato with some almond butter frosting mixed in.  I used my go-to chocolate cake recipe and then made some almond butter frosting.  I used butter, almond butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and maple.  It actually came out really good too.  The gelato was my staple recipe, i just added some vanilla extract and left over almond butter frosting for a nice treat.  I’m still trying my hand at decorating cakes and cupcakes.  Today i made “stars” on accident.  *chuckle*

I can say, that it was really fun for me to try to create recipes i’ve never tried before but have only heard about.  They turned out really great and were not difficult to make.  And as always i took plenty of pictures to show and share.  More pictures to be added soon.

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2 thoughts on “Soul Food Sunday

  1. Wow…it’s so funny that you just made this because I just tried Polenta earlier this month and LOVE it. I actually thought about doing the shrimp with it as well, just couldn’t get creative and come up with a good sauce to go over the polenta. Those cupcakes look amazingly delicious. I’m so dang hungry. Lol

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