Dried Fresh Herbs

I used to keep bottles of store-bought dried herbs in my cabinet because when i bought them fresh, i typically only used a little the rest usually ended up rotting in my frig.  It never crossed my mind to dry out the fresh herbs i hadn’t used and bottle them myself until i’d wasted TONS.

Now i walk right past the dried herbs in the spice isle of the supermarket and head straight for the fresh ones in the fresh produce section.

I’ll typically purchase whatever fresh herbs are available in the store.  Once i get home i lay them out in my kitchen window – which receives lots of natural light during the day.  Depending on the leaf size if the herbs, it may take anywhere from 3 days to 7 or so for them to completely dry out.

Once my herbs are dry, i pick off the leaves, chop them up and them bottle them myself.  They’re so much more fragrant and fresh when i do it this way.  Plus i can make any herbal mix i chose in my own home.

And once they’re dry, you’ll have your own created dry herbs right at your finger tips.

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